Dorika Group was established in 2020 by Ms. Doris Kok. Within a short period, the company managed to get to the forefront of delivering the best in quality and value because we want our consumers to lead healthier, more enriching lives – the brilliant way. Since then, DORIKA MAHO™ has always been centered around many families and prioritized delivering the highest quality products to you.

DORIKA MAHO™ is a biotechnology company backed by an established and official group of Japanese scientists and researchers focusing on Japanese Longevity. With this solid foundation, DORIKA MAHO™ focuses its strength on research and development, manufacturing, and marketing of unique and high-quality healthcare and skincare products.

We plot a great mission to cell-tivate (cell activation) the world to achieve greater health, beauty, and longevity. With more than ten years of proven track records since 2013, we are now reaching the world to spread this easily neglected yet life-saving knowledge, so everyone stands a fair chance to regain a healthy life with this natural wellness solution.

We have brought our unique corporate culture to life and also brought hope to the world through continuous innovation. We consistently strive to improve and meet our ever-changing, diversifying consumer and market needs to stay ahead. DORIKA MAHO™ treats each of our customer’s health journeys as our own. We are born out of genuine enthusiasm for natural elements, nutritional science, health, and well-being.

Improve human health and beauty with core values of “Always practice a methodology with people-oriented, integrity, co-winning, and sustainability mindset.”

To develop a world-class health and well-being benchmark trusted by everyone.

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